CEO & Co-Founder
Director of Mountain Tales Film Festival

Paige holds a Bachelors Degree in Film and Digital Media Productions from The University of North Alabama.

She focuses primarily on directing, writing, and producing while also working as an assistant director on many sets and shooting/editing various projects for 3,2,1.

Many of her short films have screened in festival such as The New York International Film Festival, The Los Angeles Cinefest, and more.

She loves horror, independent drama, claymation, and anything Tim Burton.


Paige adamantly believes filmmaking is about human connection and helping them to feel less alone or hopefully understand new perspectives. "I make my films purposefully interpretable, so that my audience may take what they need and leave what they don't.

Film is a tool for change".

Photo by Meggan Holliday ©2019


Project Manager

Festival Coordinator of The Mountain Tales Film Festival

Adam is a founding team member with 321 bringing with him many years of experience  in leadership and management. 

Personally he has been Director of Photography on multiple projects and Filmmaker Correspondent at our 2019 Festival. Since then he has been a part of our workshop programs, managed vendor relations, and site coordinated for various events including Fanaticon 2019 with 3,2,1. His favorite films can be summed up in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and you can find him cos playing as Spider-punk from 'Spiderman: into the spiderverse' or rewatching 'Avatar: the last airbender' for the umpteenth time.  

Adam has a passion for the comedy and animated action genres and finds fulfillment in seeing other people express themselves through a new medium. That is what film is to him a place where the fantasies of the mind become reality and no dream is too far out of reach. 



President & Co-Founder
Operations Manager of Mountain Tales Film Festival

Java holds a Bachelors Degree in filmmaking from the University of North Alabama.

His focus lies on directing, writing, and producing; skills he passes on to the next generation of filmmakers in his acting and filmmaking classes.

He has won several film festival awards, produced various films and plays, received Shoals "Stanley" Award nomination and is currently working on an original comic : 'Soul'. Java loves anime, Dungeons & Dragons, and knows most every word to the Hamilton soundtrack. 


His favorite projects are teen creative workshops for acting and filmmaking.

Java's favorite part is seeing someone’s face light up when they realize they can accomplish their endeavors if only they put their mind to it.


Photo by Meggan Holliday ©2019

Photo by Meggan Holliday ©2019


Head of Photography

Meggan is a professional photographer who focuses primarily on weddings and creative portraiture. She started working 3,2,1 from the very beginning capturing everything from our first read throughs to our first film festival; if you see a picture from us rest assured she is who took it. 

Her other passions and occupations include choreography, writing, teaching private theater classes, and acting herself.  Through all of these she finds inspiration in being able to give her unique perspective to anyone who it may benefit. She has a lot of feelings about the movie "You've Got Mail" flipping through fashion editorials and anything with documentary photography.

Meggan got involved with us because she loves sharing how she sees the world and says working with a team of dreamers and doers like at 3,2,1 she can further her dreams of making everyday moments art.